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Marttise is a filmmaker and the co-founder of Pryor Hill Productions. He is a 2016 Sundance Institute Creative Producing Fellow. Through Pryor Hill Productions, Marttise produced two films that world premiered at the Sundance Film Festival: Tahir Jetter’s charming romantic comedy debut, How to Tell You’re a Douchebag, in 2016 and Michael Larnell’s charmingly sincere debut, Cronies, executive produced by Spike Lee in 2015. Marttise was an NYU Cinema Research Fellow for his project, 'Independent Distribution; Cronies,' a year-long investigation and review of the independent distribution of his film Cronies and the experience of other filmmakers who decide to independently distribute their film. Marttise has produced branded content for a wide spectrum of companies and brands including the Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis,,, and Savvy Media.​

Marttise received his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Morehouse College and his MFA in Film Production from New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia in Singapore. Marttise is a member of the National Board of Review. Marttise has discussed his process as an emerging producer of ethnically diverse content with a variety of media outlets including,, and the St. Louis American newspaper. He has taught courses on producing, screenwriting and directing at Brooklyn College, Tribeca Film Institute, and Ghetto Film School. Marttise hails from Saint Louis, Missouri.

Marttise at Sundance Nextfest in LA in 2015
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